November 19, 2009


the empty canvas, the newly gessoed surface-

as pure as the new fallen  snow,

all traces of what was  previous

covered by a seemingly untrammeled purity.

 This Mask, fourth in a series of the Four Elements-


has been waiting for months to be finished.

The Mask and a Canvas, too,

 still good after so many moves, so long waiting…

( old business made ‘new’ )

It is so easy to get sidetracked while

thinking you are on the ‘right track’

(not always apparent until one finishes a tangent

that it was one…)

Could all of life  be a series of tangents

that somehow meet up in the end,

the sense of it unintelligible

while we are still in the process..?


earth mask, before painting


fire mask before painting

water mask, before painting













2 Responses to “white”

  1. Dudley Says:

    Very exciting mask action.
    Are they to be used in a production of some kind?

    • these were made as a Commission and it’s doubtful they will ever ‘tread the boards’! The first set of the 4 Element Masks i made Were for a Masked Dance which was performed at St. Marys Winter Solstice Celebration a few years ago. I’ll put the pictures on when i find them…

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