My Green Life

November 24, 2009

My Green Life

After years of making collages with my scissors and gluestick ,

using photographs out of magazines,

this is groundbreaking stuff-

to  be able to take  Intentional Photographs

and put  the images together using Photoshop-

oh the magic world of pixels!

Cutting edge technology allows me to assemble

elements from my life in the bush-

(which will never be in a magazine!)

the water tank, the footings and the flatpack

class 1A residential shed-

my Penelope ,who is a beautiful flower

(even out of costume)-

the manniquinn who was kidnapped

and then returned-

the bush road, the forest,

all  these parts of my green life-

brought together in one frame!

but i left some out-


this is my garden, it’s green alright-

(in the right season, of course)

this is fullblown ‘joy of summer in the garden’ !

We had a Terrier on duty then- 

 now there are only the Guinea Pigs

and they do not chase Possums

so  most of my garden is in cages 

or under bird netting-

(looks like a gaggle of ghosts

but it keeps the possums out!)


the clay beneath our feet

considering that this is

what is under

 my garden,

it is amazing that

anything will grow

but it does …

misty day in the bush

between the hot days and the windy days we have had many days like this, when the mist is the rain’s sneaky way of getting into the kitchen…

Tasmanian weather is always interesting,  the bush is always singing

and we will never run out of sticks!

I feel totally blessed to live in this amazing place-

Green is Good!


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