“`fire season

December 3, 2009

it’s been raining the last few days,

damp and foggy today again-

fires burning on the mainland already

and it’s not even summer yet!

When it rains here,

it seems like it’s raining Everywhere-

hard to imagine it all on fire again

but the memory returns quickly

with a whiff of bushfire smoke-

this picture was done after our big fire-

in the Year of the Fire Pig,

the tuesday when i thought our place would go-

 helicopters in the sky,

 firetrucks rolling through the town,

smoke haze stinging our eyes

and a horrible pall of brown smoke

that looked like it had taken Irishtown

but the fire changed it’s mind,

ran down to the coast at 120k/hour.

people running for their lives,

many houses burned to the ground..



it was all so strange, seemed like

it couldn’t be happening here-

the worst part for me was the waiting,

 the not knowing…


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