The Green Man’s Demise

June 7, 2010

The Green Man sheltering from the Elements


I am glad I got this photo of the Green Man- he was helping clean up ( that’s a broom handle in his hand) which he was happy enough to do-

he was out of the rain which was my main concern but i forgot about the bloody Possums- i wondered what that strange papery tearing sound was the other night and sadly it turns out to have been the Green Man’s face …

Alas, he will have to be re-skinned as the sharp possum claws tore him up badly however he is ultimately repairable ( the Mermaid suffered worse when over winter the mice ate her whole face away except for the eyes and lips-spooky)

Interestingly, in this early Winter, the  frost ravaged garden is wilted and in tatters, just like  the poor shredded Green Man, so maybe it is not inappropriate after all?

This is the time after the Harvest, when leaves turn brown and fall, when the energy goes underground and waits to be reborn in Spring, rather in keeping with the Spirit of the Vegetable Kingdom? 


Six beautiful Pumpkins-the Harvest! And like the pumpkin vines which have composted into the soil ready for next years crop, the Green Man will walk abroad again with a new smile (and a washed and mended suit which had holes in the knees anyway!)


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