winter solstice fire sculptures

June 28, 2010
fire sculpture 2010 winter solstice

Sun Fire Sculpture

the longest night, the shortest day

Winter Solstice,

  when time is said  to stop for an instant

at the ‘still point’ in the pendulum’s swing…

(and the animals acquire for that moment

the power of speech…well, maybe?)

fire magic…


fire sculpture winter solstice 2010
the Tree of Life


with it’s branches outlined in flames

and a blazing heart at the center

in one photograph,

 the heart became the head of a figure,

one of the Fire Spirits

that often come out in photographs

of Fire Sculptures-

marking the dark node of the year

with Fire and Light

celebrating the Sun’s journey

around the wheel of the year

and now, every day a little longer,

every night a little shorter…




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