life cycles

July 12, 2010
photoshopped silk screen design

'Water Tree'


The Tree of Life, a ‘water’ version

Water cycling  through all Life

it’s raining again, another easterly

a damaged possum was in the garden yesterday,

falling over wobbly, with lots of fur missing

in the morning he was lying dead in the patio-

we didn’t see him until it got light

i felt sorry for him (though possums are my ‘arch enemies’)

i buried his body next to the purple kale

and  found a clump of chives

pushing up new shoots through the mulch.

the vegetable kingdom can teach us alot

about life and death-

i though the chives had gone,

all scratched up by the chickens-

but plants die and rebirth regularly

so they ‘know’ the deeper truth…

the purple kale will thrive on the possum’s molecules

once liberated to soil by worms and micro workers

and the cycle of life continues…

we with our heads in cloud

have also our roots in earth

and rain in our hearts.


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