first poem of 30 poems in 30 days:

April 2, 2013


poems are always about Love

in this guise or another-

for all we can compare

another metaphor waits there.

sometimes twisted by an angry haze

or lying low through doldrum days,

maybe standing strong as mountain

or tripping playful as

the rippling rill.

we fear it’s loss

to the fury of a storm,

as a gentle breeze is lost

to the howling hideous wind

that sweeps away all

and leaves us pinned-

but, no!

Love is still real,

stronger than steel-

as resiliant and sticky as a spider’s web.

a diamond

still shining,

still there

after all the waning ebb…

poems are always about Love.


2 Responses to “first poem of 30 poems in 30 days:”

  1. S Jayanth Says:

    what a poem! i loved it. how you tell us ‘poems are always about love, in this guise or another’. so true! loved it all through! Keep writing! 🙂

    My day 01 NaPoWriMo poems : Ascent of life || Race of Life

    • thankyou so much- it is a big challenge to write a poem Every day for 30 days-they said “don’t worry, just write, you can always edit in May” so i decided to join in!
      You will be Very busy writing also a Haiku every day( i didn’t realize that april was also haiku month) i thought your blog very beautiful.i love the constraint of haiku-it is interesting how the confinement of the form is liberating and the results so evocative,first day much enjoyed!

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