Poem #8 NaPoWriMo2013 ’30 poems in 30 Days’

April 9, 2013

the machine of frozen delight:

tri coloured cubicals

of almost neon quicksand turn,

kept in constant almost frozen motion by

the rotor blade of Eternity-

it never stops, not even a pause…

the occasional rogue bubble

makes it’s way through the mass,

a random dark blop,

soon subsumed .

In the advert, an Icicle Man

leans against

strawberries the size of bulls.

He is licking a scarlet glob,

shiny as a traffic light

frozen on a stick.

a lividly sweet

red ball of deceit. facsimile, delusion-

a strawberries alter ego

or a mad geneticists dream?


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