2014, a new leaf

January 7, 2014

In the spirit of ‘the daily post’ challenge

( oh, they do love a challenge)

i am returning to this somewhat ‘tumbleweed strewn blog’

which, in the way of Art, imitates my life…

It is the summer holidays now which,

as a fulltime university student,

always seem to involve

a sort of personal reconstruction-

school takes SO much concentration

that all else is put on hold so that

when the spring semester ends,

i can’t remember who i am exactly…

and the luxury of time to contemplate this is almost daunting.

Not that one could tell it is summer this week-

Hobart has been lashed with rain and buffeted by wind

with the temperature plunging in spite of

the endless global warming conversations-

maybe we are in for an ice age after all?

.The pumpkin plants in my garden are sulking

(the second planting as the first got fried

in the heatwave we were having…)

and the cucumbers have given up the ghost entirely…

the tomato plants look like bonsai!

So in between the tumble weeds,

hard to tell if we are coming or going.

Hopefully i can honour my New Years Resolution

‘to be more organized’

while time speeds by so fast

that that i can barely even keep up with being unorganized?

The beginning of a song landed in my mind

while crossing the street in Glenorchy yesterday-

piece by piece it seems to accrue

without needing much from me-

so i will just let it grow

(no deadlines, it’s the holidays!)

and get to work on my latest experimental concrete project,

while i hum the parts-

it’s a Rocket Oven which is a little bit exciting.

I have  been researching designs

but of course nothing

seems exactly like what i had in mind

so i have taken what i could

and headed off into the Unknown Zone-

(it’s so hard to stick to a  recipe- i am a hopeless improviser)

i do want an actual oven out of it

and concrete is unforgiving when it comes to retrofitting.

I now know where i went wrong on my first trial oven-

it was made of mud and infinitely retrofittable

but this time i am using refractory cement for the heatface parts,

lots of perlite for insulation and a containment

vessel made of ferrocement.

The first stage is the oven dome,

done in castable refractory(Shiracast)

and it is like a skull- i made it over a dome

shaped out of sand and i really like it!

What’s missing here is the pictures- i will get onto that..

But i have made a start at reclaiming this blog-

i was going to begin a New One but hey,

after a while i wonder

how many times i can start over?

While i suppose in the Zen of being present and mindful,

giving up the attachment to linear thinking and the limitations of duality,

one should start over continuously as a practice

but maybe there is value also in ‘returning to the site’ ?

Soall  tumbleweeds aside,

this is still My Beautiful Life and i will carry on and see what happens.

The most gorgeous golden smile of a moon

hangs over the backyard tonight

and for some reason the hoons have stayed in so

it is almost quiet in the hood-

(normally they are doing wheelies between the roundabouts

as soon as the supermarket is closed-

nothing like a donut in the parking lot to make you feel real!)

There is a fragile expectant sort of air,

as if we were on the brink of something

(which i suppose we always are ,

even when we think that nothing special is happening)

the future calls itself into being,

taking us with it regardless

and it is rarely ordinary.

When we notice this, we are amazed.


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