OK, so ‘daily’ might be stretching it…

January 11, 2014


But i have been Thinking about it and writing daily-

an avalanche of words, so many things 

and each one a story that leads to more stories until

one has ventured a long way from the original subject.


Being that as it may, this is the ‘day one’ post for the

Zero to Hero Daily Blogging Challenge-

in the spirit of ‘better late than never’

day 1 task is to ‘introduce myself’.


 Deep breath, stand up straight, look you in the eye,

hold out my hand and say “how do you do? my name is Eo”

<phew- guess that was the hard part over>

Oh, but now i must explain Who i am and What i am doing here…

<this might be the real hard part…)

as I am a somewhat transitional person in that i seem to constantly be

different than who i thought i was- therefore never quite sure 

about the ‘who am i’ question, or at least how to answer it…

when i was a kid, i always thought that everyone had a flavor except for me-

i thought i only ‘tasted’ like water (which i now understand does have a taste but

i didn’t know that then…)

When i started this blog, i described myself as a

“Black Irish Mexican” -a description which, altho strictly speaking not true,

does resonate for me in that as a child, I always never wanted to be ‘white’,

much of my family background turns out to have been Irish

and Mexico was my first ‘Spiritual Home’…

but all that would take Way too long to explain-

this might be easier:

I was born in the year of the wood Horse under the sign of Geminii

with a Virgo Moon and Scorpio rising-

(for an Astrologer, i need say no more!)

But for everyone else,

i am 59 years old female person and consider myself lucky

to be on the brink of my 6th decade-

i hope to live to be 111 (eleventy-one)just like Bilbo Baggins

but i’de like to skip having hair between my toes, if i may.

I am originally from California but  am an Intentional Tasmanian now.

Tasmania is the best place on Earth.

i  brought 7 children into the world

and now that most of them are grown

i am studying Music at the Conservatorium in Hobart,

<my impossible dream somehow come true!>

I am in the 3rd year of my Bachelor of Music

deeply immersed in the Singer Songwriter degree.

I am a mostly self taught multi instrumentalist-

i play flute, cello, bouzouki, ukelele

and would like to play the saxaphone-

if i could have  an extra few hours in a day

i would also play the accordian and sometimes do anyway.

I love sounds and have become quite enamored of my little Zoom recorder.

I am also doing an Associate degree in Art- i like to paint and make

concrete sculpture. Thinshell concrete (ferrocement) is a subject  dear to my heart.

<i do Love concrete- never thought i would say that but there you go>

i am hard pressed to find anyone who would like to engage in passionate discussion

about concrete but i haven’t given up hope.

I used to make alot of Puppets but due to dampness, rats and poor storage facilities,

most of my work has perished.

I love making big Puppets for Parades and Festivals-

in fact, making any kind of Artwork for celebrations.

i also give workshops- i love designing and making things-

in fact, i could describe myself as a ‘making things person’.

a manual labourer?

an artisan?

I just gave a Lantern making workshop for the Taste Festival

with the coolest little LED lightbulbs-i liked showing the kids how 

a flimsy piece of paper can be made strong by rolling it into a tube!

And i also love gardening- i don’t usually get much in the way of harvest 

but there are always Surprises in the garden,lessons to be learned and

small miracles ( or big ones like Globe Artichokes, a totally architectural plant!) 

In my heart of hearts i am probably a Fairy- 

i found this out at the Jackie’s Marsh Forest Festival when

i put in a Fairy House under the Wishing Tree and

‘impersonated’ a fairy for the duration-

it actually felt like i was approaching my true self-

but then maybe it was just the ‘Festival Rapture’?

Well, that is probably more than anyone  wants to know about me

and i haven’t even got to the ‘Why i am here blogging’ part-

i have neglected my blog (hence all the tumbleweeds)

and i would like to do better with it,

(actually’ tend’ it more  rather than being content to

fire off a haiku to my twitter account

from the bus stop on my mobile every so often…)

SO with that intent, i will try to work through this Zero to Hero Daily Post Challenge

(*but not daily- there couldn’t be enough words in the world for that!)

In addition to words, i would like to post my photographs, paintings, sculptures-

and when my audio and cyber chops manage to meet in the middle,

i will put some songs and sound pieces on.

I probably left some stuff out but

 for the sake of brevity ( never the soul of my wit, i’m afraid)

i will stop now !





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