day two- the name of the blog…

January 18, 2014

well,i am rather hopelessly behind here –

everyone else seems to be on day 15 or so

but at this stage it can’t be helped- So…

The name of my blog:

i have considered  other options-

when i get a bit rapturous about animation

i want to call it ‘ beginning adventures in animation land’

or something equally dumb

but then i come back to ‘my beautiful life’ because,

after all this time, i finally realize that.

even when i am not sure how it’s going,

if i take time to notice, 

Beautiful Things are happening all the time

so it IS my Beautiful Life,

even when  it isn’t easy,

even when it’s inconvenient or

heartbreaking or both…

Life is Beautiful and the only thing

that i can even consider adequately reporting on

is my life as i don’t know what yours is like

( That was why we invented conversation!),


there you go,

the name of my blog.

The quotable quote would have to be Rumi:

” be grateful for whatever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond>

<the last line of Rumi’s poem ‘The Guest House’> 





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