one month ago i wrote…

February 1, 2014


” as the radiation threat magnifies by the minute

at Fukshima Daiichi and the radio discusses yacht races

while seemingly North America needs to be evacuated..

voices out on the sidewalk  break the early evening,

already loud and angry drunk, maybe a good thing

we didn’t take the bus to see the fireworks?

depressing to think that our gluttony for endless power

has pushed us perhaps over the brink already-

we pop the corks and sing Auld Lang Syne

in the kind of brutal innocence

that there is no excuse for anymore.

A young boy, victim of the war in Syria,

says he will tell God Everything, these his last words.

Does God not already know?”


  <from ‘Oh Life,’ an online diary site that

  updates via email with ‘random’ posts from your past,

  a kind of ‘grab bag; fortune cookie style look

at ones recent and not so recent history, often suprising!>


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