Fairy House

February 2, 2014


a scene from the ‘Fairy House under Wishing Tree’

that i installed at the 2014 Jackies Marsh Forest Festival.

i realize now why the picture looks so ’empty’-

2 years ago i wanted to do a Wishing Tree and put the

Fairy House in as a (pardon my French )

sort of ‘throwaway’ thing’…

Little did i know!

It was a HUGE hit with festival goers of all ages

and left me with a growing belief in Fairies.

The reason that this picture looks so empty is that

i purposely took the photo when there were no kids there

due to the complications of posting photos

with actual people in them

and really, the ‘magic’ of the Fairy House

is not in the ‘infrastructure’-

it is supplied by the children who come there to

play and ‘make believe’!

An interesting turn of phrase, that-

to ‘make believe’

Was it J.M. Barry who said that ‘every time a child says

that they don’t believe in Fairies, a Fairy dies’?

Maybe the corollary is that every time

someone ‘makes believe,’

something is born- a Fairy perhaps?


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