Say no to petrol!

February 24, 2014
So my radio tells me that Australia has
only enough petroleum to last about a month
and the proposed solution is
to build more refineries here-
what i don’t get is that we Know that
 fossil fuel is no good
yet we continue to plan with it being crucial
to our economy and viability-
like it says on the back of the truck,
‘ if Trucks stop, Australia stops’.
Why can’t we invent
an electric car that runs on the system invented
by 4 teenage girls in Nigeria
which uses a liter of urine
(that’s right, urine)
to provide 6 hours of electricity?
There is enough food in a major city
to last about 4 days-
that isn’t a very good margin.
Who is in charge of the planning dept?
Instead of finding real solutions
to the serious problems we face ,
they keep flogging coal and petroleum
when we understand now
the catastrophic effects fossil fuel
use has on the environment.
But hey, everyone pees and that
is a potential source of Hydrogen
which can be harnessed to provide power
that could conceivably run a car?
Australia is a big country
and very much tied to transport.
Gold stars to those Nigerian girls
and their teacher,
(who must have been doing something
Very right as an educator!)
Their invention is a game changer
and they should be
amply rewarded with
more than gold stars.
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