partially completed sculpture

March 5, 2014

partially completed sculpture

The face of a figure is always a little bit harrowing-

somehow it seems to emerge against all odds,

both internal and external and it is always

a little bit suprising to see what it actually ‘looks like’

as there seem to be subconscious forces at play

when one is in that flow of work.

As more work goes into a piece,

the ‘onus’ of each succeeding magnifies.

At the start, there is only the Idea,

formless and free to change

but as soon as a part is completed,

the subsequent choices are limited

by what has been done.

In the case of ferrocement work,

it is then quite literally ‘set in concrete’

and retrofitting is not really an option

without drastic means.

People bandy that phrase about

but they have no idea

unless they actually work in the material!

Experimental work is always the most fun-

no pressure and even if an experiment fails,

one always learns something

( occassionally one learns more from a failure than

from a success – not that one ever

intentionally courts failure!)

But this sculpture is going into the 2014

Benchmarking Birches Bay Sculpture Trail

at Five Bob Farm in Woodbridge

so there is no room for it to fail or it won’t be there!

Next, the hand and a mosaic Earth-

this will be my first mosaic so please wish me luck-

i want it to look like the Earth from outer space,

with all the swirling white clouds and ocean currents,

like the precious jewel the earth is

( hence the name of the sculpture,

which is’Jewel’!)

I like the way the in progress photos look,

the contrast between the finished and unfinished.

chicken wire shape before applying thew concrete

the armarure


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