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water world

March 22, 2014

water world



March 22, 2014

the sound of soft shoes

on the wooden floor,

the sound of a finger on the string-

five years become ten,

ten become twenty…

how thin the air, how innocent the sky-

we must never become too old to dream

lest we confuse an old coat

with the allness that we are.

the soul grows too grand for

the body to contain.

the dross washes away

and we become gold.

so simple…

March 11, 2014

Life is So simple

and Life is Never simple…

so many shades to decipher-

all memory,

all possibility,

all hope and imagining

collide in us-

how to span these gaps?

how to understand?

is there any sense to find

or is it all a crazy confabulation

of  microbe and mystery

the eternal swirling of  dimensions,

each longing to be-

with such ferocity

and such passivity-

like Water, Blessed,

we trickle and we yearn;

 the benefit of certainty

comes only in rare

starlit flashes

of Integrity

and then the search, again..

maybe that’s all

one ever gets?


partially completed sculpture

March 5, 2014

partially completed sculpture

The face of a figure is always a little bit harrowing-

somehow it seems to emerge against all odds,

both internal and external and it is always

a little bit suprising to see what it actually ‘looks like’

as there seem to be subconscious forces at play

when one is in that flow of work.

As more work goes into a piece,

the ‘onus’ of each succeeding magnifies.

At the start, there is only the Idea,

formless and free to change

but as soon as a part is completed,

the subsequent choices are limited

by what has been done.

In the case of ferrocement work,

it is then quite literally ‘set in concrete’

and retrofitting is not really an option

without drastic means.

People bandy that phrase about

but they have no idea

unless they actually work in the material!

Experimental work is always the most fun-

no pressure and even if an experiment fails,

one always learns something

( occassionally one learns more from a failure than

from a success – not that one ever

intentionally courts failure!)

But this sculpture is going into the 2014

Benchmarking Birches Bay Sculpture Trail

at Five Bob Farm in Woodbridge

so there is no room for it to fail or it won’t be there!

Next, the hand and a mosaic Earth-

this will be my first mosaic so please wish me luck-

i want it to look like the Earth from outer space,

with all the swirling white clouds and ocean currents,

like the precious jewel the earth is

( hence the name of the sculpture,

which is’Jewel’!)

I like the way the in progress photos look,

the contrast between the finished and unfinished.

chicken wire shape before applying thew concrete

the armarure


March 3, 2014

Look up – clouds and blue,

the miracle of Sky.

In the mirrored ceiling,

i see only me.

On the shiny floor,

a tangle of black thread

and the hazy reflection

of what’s above

descends into forever.

It is all Eternity.

Say no to petrol!

February 24, 2014
So my radio tells me that Australia has
only enough petroleum to last about a month
and the proposed solution is
to build more refineries here-
what i don’t get is that we Know that
 fossil fuel is no good
yet we continue to plan with it being crucial
to our economy and viability-
like it says on the back of the truck,
‘ if Trucks stop, Australia stops’.
Why can’t we invent
an electric car that runs on the system invented
by 4 teenage girls in Nigeria
which uses a liter of urine
(that’s right, urine)
to provide 6 hours of electricity?
There is enough food in a major city
to last about 4 days-
that isn’t a very good margin.
Who is in charge of the planning dept?
Instead of finding real solutions
to the serious problems we face ,
they keep flogging coal and petroleum
when we understand now
the catastrophic effects fossil fuel
use has on the environment.
But hey, everyone pees and that
is a potential source of Hydrogen
which can be harnessed to provide power
that could conceivably run a car?
Australia is a big country
and very much tied to transport.
Gold stars to those Nigerian girls
and their teacher,
(who must have been doing something
Very right as an educator!)
Their invention is a game changer
and they should be
amply rewarded with
more than gold stars.
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February 22, 2014


‘Reject everything hopelessly’- grafitti on a Moonah wall in big block capitals- it made me think of this photograph taken at the bus stop. A girl on the bus had ‘Refuse to Seek’ tattooed in fancy script across her chest- i heard her tell someone it meant that she wouldn’t let anyone tell her what to do. I wondered if she knew what ‘seek’ meant?


February 22, 2014

has Time become

somehow denser

than it was?

thoughts, dreams, feelings-

wave upon wave,

build until

the cascade breaks,

becomes a mind full of rainbows…

reflections reflected

and the swell irresistable-

no room for dualism here;

wave is particle…is wave…IS

(the kaleidoscope river multiplied,

i am a speck filled with wonder)

yesterday at the bus stop

February 22, 2014

anotherscenefrom the bus stopyesterday at the bus stop

i think i like the reflections better than i like the ‘real thing’-
as long as i have a camera, it isn’t entirely disfunctional…

wire and more wire and then some

February 9, 2014

in the last couple of weeks before school goes back,

i am doing some concrete work which

usually involves a wire armature-

small chicken wire, netting clips and miles of wire.

i am getting better at not sticking myself-

collanderized fingertips are no good for

a string player- the bouzouki is demanding enough

in the fingertip department.

So, just about ready to begin  applying the concrete

to the barrel for  the Rocket Oven and a sculpture.

To be on the safe side i am making a small scale test

piece for the feed tube part of the oven-

a small Fairy sized one (!)

Almost everything i do begins

as an experiment in one way or another-

but when an experiment is successful,

it is no longer experimental.

The surround for the Fairy Garden was based

on earlier an experiment using

empty soymilk cartons as an armature.

If you have lots of these,

this might interest you?

The procedure: use wide tape to make the shape-

as i would be transporting it in my little truck and lifting

it myself, i made it in 4 sections which fit together

where they join. I cut the cartons to get the curved shape

(oh, yeah- best to wash the cartons before

saving as they go badly biological otherwise!)

This is then covered with 3 layers of cloth  painted with

portland cement slurry with acrylic paint added.

[To a half bucket of water, mix in approximately 2 cups of paint

then add cement powder to make slurry-

about the consistency of the proverbial pancake batter]

I used a paint roller tray and ripped COTTON cloth

(old sheets, old clothes, etc) to fit the tray-

it is possible to do quite neatly this way.

Paint the slurry onto the pieces and wrap them

around the armature, in the manner of

Papier Mache-smooth out air bubbles, make sure there

is a good lamination (kind of like the principle

involved in ‘sticking’ a wet washcloth

to the side of the bathtub!)

Make sure the bottom is well covered-

overlap each piece so there are always at least

the 3 layers of cloth!

Cover with plastic and leave for about a week-

i did mine in the patio so i could make sure

the joins were relatively neat (put plastic between

them so they don’t stick to each other!)

Then i painted the sections with the rest of the paint.

A word about Plastic: i source endless amounts

of clean plastic wrap from the skips behind furniture

stores- the horrible underbelly of consumer culture

is that Everything seems to come wrapped

in kilometers of single use plastic.

I save single use plastic and sequester it in my

concrete work to keep it our of the waste stream.

The quantity of plastic trash that can be stuffed

into an empty carton is impressive

or maybe i am just easy pleased?

i heard about the North Pacific Gyre on the radio and

was appalled when i googled it.

If you don’t already know about this,

prepare to be appalled:

I got the idea of sequestering the single use plastic

that goes through my household

(in spite of efforts to reduce this, there

is still a shocking amount!)

from’ Trash Rocks’.

Oh, i do love concrete-

it isn’t without blemish from  an

environmental standpoint but it is pretty

good at sequestering plastic!

Check out Trash rocks here:

Here are the photos of the Fairy Garden Surround

as i was making it.

note: I haven’t ‘strength tested’ it

so from an engineering standpoint,

i have no idea what its load bearing capacity

would be- i made a large one (my original experiment)

to contain my daughter Penelope’s ‘scrippy scraps’

as they were threatening to take over the house-

(she is a devoted paper snipper!)

It could use a 3rd layer of cloth (i only put 2 on it)

but even at that, it will hold its own weight

when stood on end.  Portland cement has longevity

issues ( where Roman Concrete or the Magnesium Phosphate

concrete of my dreams do not!)  and also,

Portland does not actually bond with fibre

but apparently only encases it so…

one day it could all turn to dust but in the

meantime, the Fairy Garden was successfully

contained as are the scrippy scraps!


empty soymilk cartons taped together as armature for concrete cloth

detail of the stepped join for the sections of the Fairy House surround

the surround is made in 4 separate pieces that fit together with a stepped join- this photo shows the detail

the armature after covering with concrete dipped cloth and painting

the finished surround on site