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March 22, 2014

the sound of soft shoes

on the wooden floor,

the sound of a finger on the string-

five years become ten,

ten become twenty…

how thin the air, how innocent the sky-

we must never become too old to dream

lest we confuse an old coat

with the allness that we are.

the soul grows too grand for

the body to contain.

the dross washes away

and we become gold.



March 3, 2014

Look up – clouds and blue,

the miracle of Sky.

In the mirrored ceiling,

i see only me.

On the shiny floor,

a tangle of black thread

and the hazy reflection

of what’s above

descends into forever.

It is all Eternity.


February 22, 2014

has Time become

somehow denser

than it was?

thoughts, dreams, feelings-

wave upon wave,

build until

the cascade breaks,

becomes a mind full of rainbows…

reflections reflected

and the swell irresistable-

no room for dualism here;

wave is particle…is wave…IS

(the kaleidoscope river multiplied,

i am a speck filled with wonder)

Christmas eve 2013, found in my notebook:

December 23, 2013


capture a tornado in a jar

keep it, like a firefly

on the table next to your bed,

let it light the night.

do everything now

‘from the heart’,

the tornado that

is at the center

of you.

Poem#30 NaPoWriMo2013 ’30 Poems in 30 Days’

April 30, 2013

there is a firewall in my mind-

is that crazy or

does it keep me from being so?

mostly i don’t know it’s there,

all quietly unaware…

until it leaks,

things burst through,

rampage about and break stuff,

cause havoc

until their air is gone

and they dissipate,

become again the shadow world

there behind the wall,

where i am not myself at all.

Poem # 29, the Penultimate of ’30 Poems in 30 Days’

April 29, 2013

did we startle into being

like waking to an alarm bell

or was it a long slow glide

like a swan landing

on outstretched wings-

did awareness creep

like a tide rising

fibre by fibre,

first a finger, then a toe

for what we are, it seems,

we did not always know-

were we ‘else’ before we ‘became,’

a player in some other game?

a porpoise, a mountain or a star

whatever it is we might have been

before becoming what we are..?

Poem #28 NaPoWriMo2013 ’30 Poems in 30 Days’

April 28, 2013

what if we could live forever

to never die

like the eternal jellyfish,

returning to polyp

at any setback or injury,

beginning again

renewed without resort to

finality or decay-

no slow running down

by gradual but relentless diminution,

no emptying down to husk-


perpetual motion,

the ever coiled spring,

an endless day

with no intervening night,

a lidless eye

that knows only light:

if we could live forever,

would that be

an affirmation

or denial

of Undying?


Poem #27 NaPoWriMo2013,’30 poems in 30 days’

April 27, 2013

wind eddied, the dry leaves

hurry past rattling-

is it laughter

or do they curse the fall

in their mad

disintegrating rush?

Poem #26 NaPoWriMo2013 ’30 Poems in 30 Days’

April 26, 2013

the Bin Men have come and gone-

now the wind has knocked the empty bins over.

Like skittles they lie,

scattered on the sidewalk

and over the curb.

One still stands,

it’s yellow lid flaps forlornly,

as if urging

the fallen comrades

to rise.


Poem #25 NaPoWriMo2013 ’30 Poems in 30 Days’

April 25, 2013

from the daily prompt,

using anagrams of my name,

(a rather Rumplestiltskin game!):

The secrets ego ink,

my creek toes sing

(as) gecko enters Is-

Gecko steers in!

Ice seek Strong,

the nicer geek toss(es)

rice skeet song(s)

by ice gene storks (And)

seever goes kin,

entices kegs (or)

cerises keg not!

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