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water world

March 22, 2014

water world



March 3, 2014

Look up – clouds and blue,

the miracle of Sky.

In the mirrored ceiling,

i see only me.

On the shiny floor,

a tangle of black thread

and the hazy reflection

of what’s above

descends into forever.

It is all Eternity.


February 22, 2014

has Time become

somehow denser

than it was?

thoughts, dreams, feelings-

wave upon wave,

build until

the cascade breaks,

becomes a mind full of rainbows…

reflections reflected

and the swell irresistable-

no room for dualism here;

wave is particle…is wave…IS

(the kaleidoscope river multiplied,

i am a speck filled with wonder)

yesterday at the bus stop

February 22, 2014

anotherscenefrom the bus stopyesterday at the bus stop

i think i like the reflections better than i like the ‘real thing’-
as long as i have a camera, it isn’t entirely disfunctional…


February 14, 2014


what does the tiger know of  fashion parade?

he has little use for shoppers paradise,

he came with his own stripes-

only an accident of glass puts his image

in the same frame-

he isn’t even tempted,

were he able,

to come buy, come buy.

Poem #11, NaPoWriMo2013 ’30 Poems in 30 Days’

April 12, 2013


the sun comes up behind the buildings

sidelighting the boats on the harbour.

clouds glow,

the water nibbles at their reflections

and all the world is mirrored

in a drop of water

on the end of your nose.